Friday, 7 October 2016

Advanced Casting - 1


The Melter Should not only understand the operation of the equipment he required to use .
He should know Nature & Metallurgy of Various Cast metals , their behaviour During solidification & cooling , their physical & mechanical properties
Therefore the need arise to understand in depth about the advanced casting Process.

Melting Equipments

We are Discussing some of the Melting Equipments in Detailed here

i)Crucible Furnace

a) Coke Fire Furnace
b) Oil & Gas Fired furnace
ii)Open hearth Furnace
iii)Air Furnace
iv)Rotary Furnace
v)Cupola Furnace
vi)Electric Furnace

a) Direct Arc Furnace.
b)Indirect Arc Furnace.
c)Electric Induction Furnace
Crucible Furnaces
Simplest of all the Foundries
Used for Melting many Ferrous & non Ferrous Metals, Copper based Alloys .
Crucible is made of Chamotte or clay or graphite For melting said materials.
while for melting Al & zinc base alloys these are made of Steel & CI .
one of the Crucible Furnance is a Coke Fired Furnance
Used for Melting non ferrous metals such as brass , Bronze & aluminium .
Generally installed in Pit
Has a Steel cylindrical Steel Shell, lined on inner side with refractory bricks , closed at the bottom with a grate & covered at top with a removable lid.
Metal to be Melted is contained in a crucible which is embedded in burning coke .

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