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Reform Movement in kerala

Samathwa samajam:1836 - nadar
Ayya Vaikundar (Vaikunda swamikal) founded Samathwa samajam for reform of nadar community.
He organized SAMA PANTHI BHOJANA in each and every place of worship in the name of ANNA DHANAM.

Sri Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam :1903 –Ezhava
• 1903 May 15 :The S.N.D.P. Yogam came into existence under the guidance of Sri Narayana Guru
• 1904:Its first annual session held at Aruvippuram ,Trivandrum
• The basic aim of was to popularize Guru’s messages and bring about the social regeneration of the Ezhavas and other backward communities.
• Dr. Palpu and Kumaran Asan were active leaders.
• Some Newspapers also helped to spread Gurus’s message of social reform.
Eg: Sujananandini NewsPaper :1891 (Published by Paravoor Kesavanasan) Kerala Kaumudi 1911-(Started by KV Kunhiraman)Yogadaanam is a well known publication from SNDP

Islam Dharma Paripalana Sangham:1906

Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi established Islam Dharma Paripalana Sangham for the reform of Muslims.

Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham: 1907 -For Dalits
Ayyankali’s Sathujana Paripalana Sangham was established for education for Dalits with the support of government of Travancore.
Thomas Vaidyar was given the responsibility of organization correspondence.

SJPS published a monthly magazine, Sadhujana Paripalini, the first ever magazine to be brought out by the Dalit community. Kali Chodikkuruppan was the founder editor.
Later this sangham became Pulaya Mahasabha.

Yoga kshema Movement: 1908 -Namboothiri
Slogan: “Make Namboothiri a human being”.

Aim: the marriage of all the junior Namboothiri males within the community itself, to popularise the study of English and to abolish the purdah system from Namboothiri females
Leaders: E.M.S. Namboothiripad and V.T.Bhattatiripad.
"Unni Namboothiri" was a famous publication from Yoga kshema Sabha.

Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha:1909
Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha ("God's Church of Visible Salvation") was a Dalit religious protest movement founded at Eraviperoor, Pathanamthitta by Poikayil Yohannan.

The PRDS rejected both Christianity and Hinduism, and preached that God would send an incarnation to liberate the Dalits.
They spread message to leave superstitious beliefs, and to stop practicing black magic and sacrificing the animals
Vaala Samudaya Parishkarani Sabha : 1912

Fishermen community reform society.
It was organized under Pandit K P Karuppan, the "Lincoln" of Kerala"
Leaders: N Krishnan, VV Velukkuttty Arayan and rao Bahadur VV Govindan
Initially it was a small group called kalyana dayini sabha
Aim: abolish outdated customs, spread discipline, hygiene , education and freedom of movement.
Nair Service Socety: 1914
Founded by: Mannathu padmanabhan on October 31, 1914
Inspiration: “Servants of Indian Society” by GK Gokhale
Areas: Reform Nair society, abolition of Talikettukalyanam, Tirandukuli, untouchability, joint family system

Sahodara Sangham :1917
Founded by the noted Ezhava leader, K.Ayyappan(also known as Sahodaran Ayyappan) at Cherai, Kochi in 1917

Aim: eradication of the evils of caste and popularizing the idea of misra-bhojanam among the Ezhavas and other castes considered inferior to them .

Yukthivadi Sangham :1935
Yukthivadi Sangham was registered at Cochin M. C. Joseph as secretary and Panampilly Govinda Menon as treasurer. M C Joseph was the sole editor-publisher of "Yukthivaadi" Magazine by Sahodara Sangham.
The existing Kerala Yukthivadi Sangham (KYS) was formed at Kozikode in 1969 May Adv. M. Prabha as president and P.S. Raman Kutty as Secretary

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