Friday, 7 October 2016

Secondary operations on P/M part

Final Step in powder Metallurgy is the Secondary Opeartion inorder to Finish the product manufactured by the powder Metallurgy
Some techniques Used are

: Machining – In general, machining is not necessary for porous parts. But it can be done to produce specific shape and size in which case a very sharp tooling with a slight rake is employed. The machined surface is then treated to remove the cutting fluids. EDM and laser cutting are also performed to obtain specific shape and size.
Joining – Joining of porous parts can be done with one another or with solid part mainly in the case of stainless steel porous components. TIG, LASER or electron beam welding are recommended for satisfactory joining of porous parts. Soldering and brazing are not used. Epoxy resins are also used for bonding of porous parts.
Insert moulding, sinter bonding, press fitting are other secondary operations.

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